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The latest innovation from Airscream AirsPops in the UK. Dive into 11 of Airscream's most popular AirsPops flavours.


Sweet, nostalgic bubblegum flavor to remind you of your favorite childhood treat.

Buy XL Bubblegum Pods


Authentically refreshing and juicy rock melon, so fresh it could have come straight from the orchard!

Buy XL Cantaloupe Pods

Freezy Grape

Frozen grape sensation, a balance of sweetness and icy refreshment in a fruity vape.

Buy XL Freezy Grape Pods

Green Apple Kiwi

A double dose of sour zest with green apple and kiwi fruit, served extra juicy!

Buy XL Green Apple Kiwi Pods

Ice Watermelon

Mouth-watering watermelon with an intensified cooling sensation for a refreshing and revitalizing experience.

Buy XL Ice Watermelon Pods

Lychee Raspberry

Juicy lychee and tart raspberry blend for a fruity and refreshing vaping experience.

Buy XL Lychee Raspberry Pods

Peach Ice

Chilled peaches with a cool menthol finish, perfect for hot summer days.

Buy XL Peach Ice Pods

Pink Crystal

Sweet, fruity explosion of ripe strawberries and juicy watermelon, delivering a refreshing fruity aftertaste.

Buy XL Pink Crystal Pods

Polar Mint

Cool, crisp mint that clears the senses and refreshes the palate, perfect for a satisfying break.

Buy XL Polar Mint Pods

Strawberry Kiwi

Savor sweet strawberries and tangy kiwi in this balanced, fruity vape, delivering a refreshing and delightful flavor duo.

Buy XL Strawberry Kiwi Pods

Zesty Lemon

Bright, citrusy lemon flavor with a sweet and sour taste, offering a zesty, tangy, and satisfying sensation.

Buy XL Zesty Lemon Pods

Frequently Asked Questions about AirsPops XL

The AirsPops XL is super simple. All you need is a rechargeable AirsPops XL Vape Device and your choice of AirsPops XL Prefilled Disposable Pods in your favourite Airscream flavours.

When you want to change flavours or a flavour runs out, you simply pull the magnetic prefilled pod out and replace it with a new prefilled pod.

Easy as that.

The AirsPops XL Prefilled Disposable Pods have 10ml of premium Airscream e-liquid in each pod. On average, 10ml of e-liquid equates to about 2500-3500 puffs.

The rechargeable AirsPops XL Vape is rechargeable with USB-C. So when your flavour runs out from the AirsPops XL Prefilled Disposable Pods all you need to do is remove the pod and insert your new one!

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